My grandpa used to tell me these stories of expeditions of hidden treasure and voyages of the lost world; even he used to tell me that he has himself been on many voyages of Arabian Sea. And since then my interest in to this sort of thing have always been and that is also the reason that I like periodic and historic things rather than the modern ones.

And this bond of mine with the treasure hunting stories made me play this new slot game called Inca gold. It is a 5 reel 25 payline slot which also got the scatter symbol along with many others and apart from this; it also offers you the free spins to make the free trial of the pokie with bonus code. The bonus codes you get while registering on the platform can be used on the website and the app of the casino. The graphics and the sound of the pokie go along with theme of the game.

After getting to know all about the particular online casino slot, I decided to play it with the real money and to buy credits I needed to pay via payment gateway and I used my PayPal account for that or you can sync the Facebook account for login into the website and the winners also get the applause and appreciation by Facebook friends and the app can also be downloaded to play on the iPhone andAndroid mobile devices. So I played it on my mobile with the free spins at first and when I started winning I switched for the real money and made quite a good money with it.